Why doesn’t the Premier League show the situation on LED screens?

05 Th3 2022 | 12:54

The top leagues aim to protect referees in consideration of replaying the situation on LED screens.

World football before and after using VAR has decisive changes in the use of LED screens on the field. Before that, LED screens on the field were used to replay situations according to television waves. The referees do not change the decision no matter how controversial the situation.

At the 2010 World Cup, the LED screen showed Frank Lampard’s kick to hit the bar over the goal line in the match between England and Germany in the 1/8 round. Referees, players and fans all over the world saw, but the decision did not change.

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The LED screen on the field once showed this situation at the 2010 World Cup, but the referee did not change the decision.

Before that, the LED screen also showed a situation where Thierry Henry used his hand to play the ball before passing William Gallas to score a goal to help France beat Ireland in the 2010 World Cup play-off round. The referee also did not change the decision.


In the Premier League, before VAR was applied, article 39 of the law clearly stated that LED screens could play back situations, as long as they were not negative or controversial actions, and caused the audience to question the regulation. action of the arbitrator.

After applying VAR, the Premier League has its own mechanism to use LED screens. According to the rules published by the International Football Association (IFAB), the screen will replay the situation that has been decided by the VAR team.

Mr. Lukas Brud, secretary of IFAB emphasized: We must protect the referee . We must avoid the referee seeing pressure from players, coaches or fans when making decisions. IFAB does not allow the situation. projected onto the screen while the evaluation is still in progress”.

In 2019, Mr. Brud emphasized that VAR “needs 10 years to become perfect” in assisting the referee in administering the match.