Villas-Boas cannot guarantee Lampard’s official position

28 Th5 2022 | 06:50

Affirming the relationship is still good, but the Chelsea coach believes that whether Lampard has a starting position or not depends entirely on his ability.

Lampard (left) and Villas-Boas.

Recently, there have been reports that there are disagreements between the 34-year-old teachers and students.

In 26 games this season, Frank Lampard has had to sit on the bench or be substituted midway up to 11 times. The English midfielder therefore publicly stated that he did not understand why and declared that “only when he is playing at his best, he is at his best”.

In the recent 2-1 win over Wolverhampton in the Premier League, Lampard did not run to coach Villas-Boas to celebrate the first goal like other teammates. On the contrary, when Lampard scored the decisive goal in the last minutes, Villas-Boas also showed a moderate joy and did not say a word to the English player on the bus back to the barracks.

Therefore, there have been reports that Man Utd is in contact to recruit Lampard – who has only a year and a half left on his contract at Stamford Bridge.

“We still talk to each other every day,” coach Villas-Boas denied the disagreement with Lampard. “Frank is a player who doesn’t have a fair price.”

However, the Portuguese strategist also said that he could not guarantee Lampard an official foothold, although the fans always want to see their gods on the field.

“In any match we have to choose the best players and that’s what can help us win.”he said.

“What the fans want at the club is success, success counts on titles. Liverpool also want to return to the king’s path in the Premier League, but they can’t let the legends Ian Rush, Kenny Dalglish or Alan Hansen come on.”

After 20 rounds, Chelsea are fourth with 37 points – 11 points less than the top team Man City.

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