Vietnamese athletics “attack” the Olympic arena

14 Th6 2022 | 06:32

In 2012, the most important task of Vietnamese athletics is to win 1-2 tickets to attend the Olympics. This is a very heavy task, but if there is determination and careful preparation, the opportunity is still completely open.

In 2012, track and field athletes will have the opportunity to qualify in 3 tournaments, namely the indoor track and field tournament in February in Hangzhou (China), and if they are lucky enough to reach Olympic standards at this tournament and world standards, athletes will compete in the World Championship in Turkey in March and the Grand Prix in Thailand in May.

If just over a year ago, both Vu Thi Huong and Truong Thanh Hang were the biggest hope for Vietnamese athletics in the goal of winning the Olympic B standard, but now, both are not in good shape. Especially Vu Thi Huong, due to injury, this athlete only won 2 bronze medals at SEA Games 26.

Finding tickets to the London Olympics is the top goal of Vietnamese athletics – Photo: Manh Hoang

Huong’s achievement in the 100m distance is 11”73, compared to Olympic B standard 11”38 Huong is still 35% short of seconds. At the distance of 200m, Huong’s current achievement is 24″06 and is still less than Olympic B standard 1″66.

For experts, shortening the achievement to more than 1 minute is considered very difficult, if in the near future, Huong herself does not overcome the psychological threshold and is invested aggressively. Huong’s chance to win tickets is less and less as from now on, the deadline to achieve standard B (July 2012), Huong only has the 2012 Asian Grand Prix held in May Thailand to win tickets.

Only thing, this prize BTC only takes the standard in the 200m content, which is not Huong’s forte. Meanwhile, Truong Thanh Hang also did not achieve good results at the 26th SEA Games, although this athlete still won 2 gold medals in the 800m and 1500m content. The highest achievement in Hang’s career is 2’00”91 at ASIAD Guangzhou 2010. If she only needs to achieve this achievement, Hang will definitely have a ticket because standard B only regulates the level of 2’01’30.

Like Vu Thi Huong, Hang’s chance to win tickets is only 2 prizes: the Asian Grand Prix (only 1500m content) in May and the Asian Stars Tournament in June.

The opportunity is less and very difficult for Huong and Hang, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t win tickets. Currently, both are still practicing hard and reports from the BHL show that Huong and Hang’s performance is very stable. In the coming problem, Huong needs to be completely treated for a thigh muscle injury and enter advanced training. Meanwhile, Hang also needs a reasonable training plan and good experts to regain her peak period.

Anyway, Vietnamese athletics is not too worried with the task of winning tickets to the 2012 Olympics. After the 26th SEA Games, many promising young faces have emerged. In which, the most notable is the high jumper Duong Thi Viet Anh. Viet Anh’s achievement at the 26th SEA Games is 1.0m, 2cm lower than the Olympic B standard.

According to the assessment of the head of athletics department – General Department of Sports and Sports Duong Duc Thuy, Viet Anh is the athlete with the highest achievement near the B standard among athletes of the track and field team. In addition to Viet Anh, Vietnamese athletics can hope for other faces such as: Tran Hue Hoa (three-step jump), Nguyen Thi Thanh Phuc (walking), Pham Thi Binh (marathon), Nguyen Thi Phuong (3,000m) overcoming obstacles), Le Thi Phuong (pole vaulting). These are all athletes who are making great progress recently and are all very young.

An investment plan for key athletes has been outlined. Accordingly, the operating budget in 2012 of athletics will not be lower than last year (160,000 USD) with allocation mainly for ticket winners.

The time from now to July is not much, hopefully with the investment, determination, and athletics Vietnam will win more than 1 official place to attend the Olympics.

An An | 00:00 11/30/-0001