Vidic is back earlier than expected

18 Th7 2022 | 07:56

With a severe knee injury, there was a time when it was thought Vidic would be out of action for up to 12 months. However, positive recovery signals are showing that the midfielder will return sooner than expected.

Initial predictions show that Vidic will have to miss the rest of this season. However, the Red Devils midfielder is currently recovering very quickly and may return earlier than expected, information posted on the Daily Mail.

Earlier, in early December last year, Vidic suffered a serious knee injury when facing Basel in the Champions League group stage.

The ball led to Vidic’s knee injury (white shirt)

In the 36th round of the Premier League, Man Utd will have a trip to Etihad’s home ground of The Citizens. It is likely that the Serbian player will return in time in this match. This is expected to be an extremely important addition to the Red Devils, because this season the injury problem has always threatened Man Utd seriously. There were times when up to 9 players in the first team of the reigning Premier League champions were unable to play.

Currently, the Red Devils are competing fiercely with Man City for the Premier League title. The Citizens prevailed with 2 more points. Therefore, Manchester United always have to try their best in each battle to have the opportunity to take the lead. In that context, Vidic’s return would be especially meaningful.

Source: Vo Thuat
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