Van Lam was not relegated to the Japanese second tier team

07 Th4 2022 | 12:14

Omiya Ardija club has successfully borrowed goalkeeper Ko Shimura from third-tier team Giravanza Kitakyushu, so it will no longer borrow Van Lam from Cerezo Osaka.

Omiya Ardija club only has 2 goalkeepers due to Tomoki Ueda injury to the patellar tendon and has to be out for 6-8 months. Therefore, they have to ask to borrow goalkeepers everywhere, including the Vietnamese goalkeeper.

Van Lam’s representative, Andrey Grushin, said that Omiya had submitted an offer. However, they had to consider it, so they couldn’t agree immediately in the context of the Omiya team’s urgent need for people. The Japanese Second Division team eventually chose Ko Shimura from the third place Giravnz Kitakyushu.

Shimura’s presence means that Van Lam will not come to Omiya anymore .

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Van Lam has many options if he does not continue to play for Cerezo Osaka. Photo: Club.


Before that, Japanese football fans discovered that Van Lam was following the social network of the Omiya Ardija club, so they were skeptical. The 29-year-old goalkeeper also revealed his departure, making many people more curious about his future.

Talking to Zing, Mr. Andrey Grushin said: “Van Lam received many offers from Europe and in Japan. There are more teams in Portugal who are also interested in him. In football, anything is possible. However, we consider staying at Cerezo Osaka .”

Van Lam’s contract with the Japanese team has just been extended in early 2022. He was injured in September last year and took nearly 7 months to fully recover. The overseas Vietnamese goalkeeper has returned to practice and has just played 5 minutes for Vietnam in a 1-1 draw with Japan on March 29.

Van Lam has only played 2 matches for Cerezo Osaka, including one in the 2021 AFC Champions League and one in the Emperor’s Cup. In the J1 League front, Lam has not had the opportunity to play when the number one position still belongs to Kim Jin-hyeon.

Le Minh – | 12:26 April 7, 2022