Torres attracts attention for appearing in a strange appearance

18 Th2 2022 | 04:20

 Ferran Torres is the character who captured a lot of attention from fans after the draw against Napoli in the Europa League.

Video of Torres scoring for Barca

Ferran Torres was the central figure in the 1-1 draw against Napoli in the Europa League. The Spanish star was the name that helped the Blaugrana find the equalizer. However, it was the former Man City player who finished negligently at other opportunities in the match and was criticized by some Barca fans. After the final whistle sounded, aware of himself missing a series of delicious opportunities, Torres broke down in tears.


Why doesn't Ferran Torres have the Barça logo or the Nike logo? - Football

 Torres appeared with a shirt without the Barca and Nike logos in the second half.

The remarkable things about Torres do not stop there. Public opinion has discovered a special moment about the player’s shirt born in 2000 in the second half. They were curious and surprised when Torres’ shirt was not printed with Barca and Nike logos as usual, which is still normal. appeared in the 1st round . Noticing this anomaly, Torres immediately proceeded to change his shirt. 

It is not clear why this strange incident happened to Torres because the shirt looks like a fake shirt compared to those of his teammates. The omission of the Barca and Nike logos led to a lot of comments on social media and this one-of-a-kind shirt could become a collector’s item for years to come.