Thinking about Vietnamese football at the beginning of the year

14 Th5 2022 | 07:42

1. Before attending the 2011 Sea Games, coach Falko Goetz once uttered the idea that: “He did not understand what the Sea Games was that the Vietnamese wanted to win so much”. These words clearly show that the German strategist does not have the necessary understanding of the new working environment. However, if you think about it carefully, Coach Goetz’s statement is not without reason. After all, it is true that the Sea Games gold medal, if any, will not help much for Vietnamese football, let alone this S-shaped country.

A title of the lowest type in the football world (perhaps also because it is so low that Coach Goetz does not understand what it is) of course can not help Vietnam improve its position and gain admiration in your eyes. international friends (that will only come when we win noble achievements such as winning the Asian Cup or winning the right to attend the World Cup, for example). In some respects, the Sea Games gold medal for Vietnamese football is just like the desire to jump to the mouth of a frog that is used to the bottom of the well. The gold medal can only help us have a gloating night, before we all return to the village well, nothing more.

2. After a lot of upheaval, Super League 2012 has officially kicked off. But it seems that the wait for new developments for Vietnamese football is still a story of the future tense. The focus of attention is the Hanoi derby between Hanoi football club and Hanoi T&T. Despite the fact that the match was significantly heated up thanks to the “collision” on the field between elected Hien and elected Kien, on the B stand there was still a vast empty space with a handful of about a hundred Hanoi T&T fans. Although this is the most crowded derby in many years, the small number of spectators only enough to fill stand A still cannot make people stop longing for a time of fiery derby between the Hanoi Police and the Hanoi Police. and Fitness.

According to VFF statistics, the average number of spectators in the first round of the 2012 Super League was only 6000 people/match. But everyone knows that this is actually a virtual number that VFF has even claimed to have a beautiful profile. No one has yet counted how many viewers watched the matches of the national championship on television. But it is unlikely that this has been the favorite dish of TV viewers every weekend afternoon.

Such lengthy analysis shows that the 2012 Super League does not necessarily serve the interests of the majority of the population, not worthy of the huge amount of money of thousands of billions of dong a year people throw into this game. It is similar to the desire to win the Sea Games gold medal of Vietnamese football in terms of meaning and value, and it is not worth the billions of dollars that we have invested in it.

3. In the last day of 2011, all attention is directed to the program “Connecting big arms – for the poor”. This is a very meaningful program held annually as a Tet holiday for the poor in the country. In this program, the Central Committee of the Vietnam Fatherland Front also announced the results of the Campaign “Day for the Poor”. Accordingly, in the past year, the whole country has raised a total of VND 6,606 billion to raise funds to support the poor. At first glance, this number of trillions seems monumental, great. But if divided equally by the number of poor people in the country (about 10% of the population), each person can only get a few hundred thousand dong. It is too little hope for them to escape poverty or at least to support them to have a better life.

If only a part of the enormous money that people are throwing at the game of football would go into the hands of the poor; instead of spoiling the player, how much better “the player is becoming more and more uneducated”.

Alas, our society has too many things to pay attention to than the golden dream or the expensive but expensive “village tournament”!

The source: Vo Thuat
Phan Ha Chi Minh | 00:00 11/30/-0001