The Scariness of Benzema and Vinicius

25 Th4 2022 | 06:50

A phase escaped to the left and only needed 2 touches of the ball, Vinicius launched a pass to Karim Benzema to defeat Chelsea. That’s the usual type of goal for this pair.

Returning to the conversation between Benzema and Ferland Mendy in October 2020 during the Real Madrid match against Borussia Monchengladbach in the Champions League, the French striker intended to disparage Vinicius.

He just does what he wants. Hey brother, don’t pass it to him anymore. He’s against his own team“, Benzema told Mendy in French in the tunnel at Monchengladbach’s Borussia-Park at halftime.

The fear of Benzema and Vinicius - Football

Vinicius and Benzema are the breath on Real’s attack when they continuously score and create for each other.

Great chemistry

In the second half, Sports Mail reported that Vinicius had only received 3 passes from Mendy despite both playing on the same wing. When the press made the conversation public, it seemed that the situation was getting pretty bad for the Brazilian striker.

That could be the end for Vinicius at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium. Since then, however, things have changed rapidly.

Benzema and Vinicius are currently the best attacking duo in Europe. They are leading Real Madrid deep in the Champions League this season. Both made Chelsea’s defense confused in both legs of the quarter-finals.

In fact, the French player and the Brazilian junior took a lot of time to understand what each wanted from the other and vice versa. Currently with just one look, one gesture is enough for Benzema and Vinicius to create a good ball.

In the past, there seemed to be no hope for this couple, but the conversation mentioned above changed everything. Benzema sincerely apologized for speaking ill of his teammates, but also explained to Vinicius that the moment took place in anger and did not imply any discrimination.

In response, Vinicius knew how to listen, acknowledged where he had not done well and according to Marca, he felt comfortable after the frank sharing from Benzema. When the two understand each other better by seeking, the results are good. The fact that this duo continuously improves their play and becomes an irreplaceable factor in Real’s attack is proof.

Up to the present time, coach Carlo Ancelotti’s army has scored 95 goals in all competitions. Of these 55 goals were scored by these two players: 38 by the number 9 and 17 by the winger. Vinicius has reached 13 assists, equal to Benzema.

Notably, 7 of Benzema’s 13 assists were for Vinicius. Similarly, Vinicius assisted 9 times for Benzema to score. The numbers are really scary and show absolute harmony.

The fear of Benzema and Vinicius - Football

The image of Benzema showing Vinicius how to move before entering extra time was captured by the camera lens.

Perfect plans

Luka Modric was mentioned all over the press after Real overcame Chelsea with a trivela of high-class assists, bringing Real back from “the dead”. It was a moment of salvation “Los Blancos” before the high risk of being eliminated from the Champions League.

But must give Benzema a compliment. It was none other than the former Lyon star who had planned for a ball to finish Chelsea, at a time when the opponent was engrossed in the attack.

Before the two teams entered extra time, the camera lens caught the image of Benzema pulling Vinicius aside to talk privately. He discussed passionately and in detail about the scoring plan against the solid Chelsea defense.

Benzema used his hand as a tactical mat and guided the young Brazilian on how he stood in the Chelsea penalty area. In addition, Benzema also showed Vinicius the direction to move to make the pass.

Moments later, Benzema had a goal from the 21-year-old winger. Vinicius broke into the Chelsea penalty area from the left, before slamming a precise pass that undid the Chelsea defence, sending the ball into position for Benzema to head home.

It was an incredible moment and almost knocked Chelsea’s will. Thomas Tuchel’s team took the lead 3-0, but in the end it was Real who pulled the ticket to the semi-finals.

More importantly Benzema saw a gap in the Chelsea defense and he showed Vinicius exactly what to do. Both can be silent for the whole match but just one successful situation, Real decided the match.

The way Benzema and Vinicius work together is like being programmed in a video game. Benzema said not much, but enough for Vinicius to understand. Now Real are living off the breath of Benzema and Vinicius with great chemistry.

In front of Real is a difficult semi-final against Man City, a title candidate. Surely Pep Guardiola will carefully analyze and find a way to separate this duo. But to neutralize Real’s two aces, Guardiola needs a lot of time and must be a headache.

Real is no longer Real without the presence of these two stars. In the Champions League, Benzema has 12 goals, 1 goal behind Robert Lewandowski. Vinicius, with 6 assists, is only 1 stage behind Bruno Fernandes. It should be remembered that Lewandowski and Fernandes no longer have the opportunity to improve.

5 of those 6 assists of Vinicius ended with a goal for the French player. Apparently Benzema and Vinicius are finding each other, they understand each other and most of all they need each other.

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