The main player of the Chinese team has a slight pain

30 Th1 2022 | 13:37

Defender Zhang Linpeng had to apply ice to his knee after a training session on the afternoon of January 30 at Hang Day Stadium.

Head coach Li Xiaopeng increased the intensity of training during the second training session of the Chinese team in Hanoi. After the warm-up, the Chinese team split into several groups to practice tactics and finally fight. This is the most important part of the training session for the coaching staff to have a basis for choosing a squad, with the players being the opportunity to compete for positions.

After the practice session, Zhang Linpeng had a slight pain in his knee and had to apply ice when he left . He is a right-back, has started 14 matches for the Chinese team in the third qualifying round of the 2022 World Cup. In this training session, the Chinese team had a separate case to practice.

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Zhang Linpeng had difficulty walking after the training session of the Chinese team on the afternoon of January 30. Photo: Ngoc Le.

In addition to Zhang, the other pillars of the Chinese team, Wu Lei, and Wu Xi are all healthy. The team also received good news when goalkeeper Wang Dalei had completely recovered from his injury.


Sharing with the media, striker Wei Shihao said that the Chinese team is adapting well to the weather in Hanoi and is confident in the victory over the home team.

He said: “We won the Vietnam team in the first leg, so we are clearly stronger. We just need to play at a normal level to continue to win the Vietnam team in the second leg. The intensity of the competition in the championship the country is more tense than this.”

The Chinese team has one day left to prepare for the match against Vietnam. The team will practice getting to know the My Dinh field on January 31. This is a relaxing and restorative workout. In the first leg in October 2021, the Chinese team beat Vietnam 3-2. The return leg between the two teams will take place on February 1.

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