The love story of the Japanese midfielder

31 Th3 2022 | 14:20

Ao Tanaka and female idol singer Airi Suzuki are planning to get married after their relationship was made public in the press recently.

After Tanaka confirmed that he was acquainted with Airi in a press conference before the match against Vietnam. On March 27, it was the turn of the Japanese female singer to speak up. The two officially announced their sisterhood in public and attracted attention.

“To everyone who has always supported me. You must have read the recent news that I am dating player Tanaka. I am sorry that this news came to you so suddenly. Please stay tuned for two . us , the idol born in 1994 told tokyo-sports.

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The beauty of female idol singer Airi Suzuki, girlfriend of midfielder Ao Tanaka. Photo: v2ph.

She said that 2022 is an important milestone for her. Airi marked 20 years of artistic activities since entering the entertainment industry in 2002. Airi also said that this is an important period for her boyfriend 4 years younger. Both are working very hard for the future.

Tanaka did not want the press to prune her private life, so she only spoke once so far. After the player born in 1998 spoke up, the Japanese press boiled over and said that the two also planned to get married in the near future. The duo “talented boys and girls” are said to be “hot” at this time.

There is no information on the date the two started dating. However, one reliable theory is that the senior couple Gaku Shibasaki is the matchmaker. The Japanese player’s wife, singer Erina Mano, is a former member of Hello! Project, where Airi Suzuki started her singing career.

Erina got married to Shibasaki in 2018. They are as popular as Tanaka and Airi now. Shibasaki and Tanaka have a good relationship with the young colleague who was recruited in October 2021. The midfielder of the Fortuna Dusseldorf club played 7 matches for Japan in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers.


Tanaka’s career began to advance. He is expected to be a member of the Japanese team at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Meanwhile, Airi is shaping her solo style since separating from the group to develop her own career since 2017. She is praised for being consistent, polite and optimistic.

Airi’s parents are sports people. Mr. Toru Suzuki (born 1955) is a professional golfer, playing on the Japan PGA Senior Tour. According to nambanation, Mr. Toru met Tanaka and Airi at a meeting last year. Both received parental consent.

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Tanaka is playing on his feet in the Japanese team and promises to shine in the 2022 World Cup.

An entertainment source in Japan also confirmed, Tanaka proposed to Airi before leaving for Germany to join the Bundesliga 2. This event takes place in the summer of 2021. The 24-year-old player left Japan after 5 seasons. tournament for Kawasaki Frontale. So before going away, he wants to confirm his marriage with his girlfriend.

Tanaka is trying to focus on an important period, especially when the 2022 World Cup is very close. Although newly trusted by coach Hajime Moriyasu, Tanaka showed the ability to seize opportunities quickly. He appeared in 6 of the last 7 matches of the Japanese team and contributed an important goal against Australia.

The 2022 World Cup stage will be where Tanaka aims to take his career forward. He is new to Europe and only plays in the 2nd division in Germany. Meanwhile, many teammates are having good careers in other countries such as Scotland, Belgium, the Netherlands or even in England.

And Airi Suzuki is hatching a plan to mark its two-century journey. After that, she may set a wedding date with player Tanaka. The two families have met and hope that both of them will soon stabilize their careers to get married in the near future.