The 3 worst MU players before Atletico: The villain reappears

16 Th3 2022 | 06:35

 Several stars on the Manchester United side had a poor day against Atletico Madrid.

Rangnick speaks after losing to Atletico Madrid 

Harry Maguire

It seemed that after a disastrous own goal in the match against Tottenham Hotspur, Harry Maguire would regain the trust of the fans with a class performance. But in the end, the captain of Manchester United continued to show poor form and even the Red Devils fans in the stands booed when the midfielder was withdrawn from the field.

Maguire is completely unable to command the defense of Man Utd, but on the contrary, he also makes the situation more chaotic when he often rushes out of the box to close the opponent. In the situation where Joao Felix opened the scoring in an offside position, Maguire was completely absent from the penalty area to block. Similarly, the ball that led to Renan Lodi’s goal also came from a situation where Maguire rose to contest.
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 Maguire surged to break Man Utd’s defensive structure. 

In addition, the former Leicester star also has many slow and awkward handling phases right in front of David De Gea’s goal. It can be said that the only impression that Maguire left in this match was the collision situation with… Cristiano Ronaldo. 

Diogo Dalot


The Portuguese star really made a strong impression when it comes to his ability to support the attack, it should be known that he is also the player who launched the most shots on the Man Utd side in this match (4 ). However, in the opposite direction, Dalot had a terrible performance in defense. 

It would not be an exaggeration to say that Dalot was the ‘criminal’ who caused Man Utd to be knocked out of this year’s Champions League, when he did not include – not even notice the appearance of Renan Lodi in the back, creating conditions for this defender to easily head the net against David De Gea in an undisclosed position. It should be known that in the victory against Tottenham Hotspur, there were also 2 situations where the Red Devils conceded a goal from Dalot’s corridor.
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 Dalot made a fatal mistake in two consecutive matches. 

Overall, Dalot still needs to improve a lot in his defense and concentration, if he does not want to be replaced by Man Utd with another top full-back.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Contrary to fans’ expectations after a classy hat-trick at the weekend, there wasn’t any shining moment from Cristiano Ronaldo last night. On the contrary, the Portuguese striker also caused a strong disappointment when he could not launch any shots towards Atletico Madrid’s goal. This is also the first time since May 2011, CR7 has repeated this terrible achievement in the Champions League arena.

However, it is not possible to place the full responsibility on Ronaldo, as it is clear that his teammates did not provide him with enough opportunities, in addition to the outstanding performance coming from Atletico’s defence.