The 2 best strikers in the Champions League meet in the round of 16 AFCON

26 Th1 2022 | 10:02

 Egypt and Ivory Coast will meet in Cameroon, two days after the deadly incident at Olembe Stadium.

A gloomy mood pervaded the Africa Cup of Nations on Tuesday, as people injured in a stampede outside Olembe Stadium before Cameroon’s match against the Comoros were being treated in hospital and the death toll showed. death up to 8 people. The tournament still goes on, in fact many people are used to this.

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Egyptian football has had a difficult period.

In 2009, 19 lives were lost because of a stampede during a World Cup qualifier in Abidjan between Ivory Coast and Malawi. The team the Ivory Coast will face tonight for a place in the quarterfinals, Egypt, is still dealing with the aftermath of the 2012 Port Said riots, a horrific disaster that left 74 dead and resulted in the suspension of all matches in the country for two years.

10 years have passed, the story is still haunting, but the football scene in this country has revived. Their best players are also motivated to seek perfection abroad. Mohamed Salah left Al Mokawloon, where he impressed as a teenager, to Europe and is now a top striker in the world.

Salah made his Egypt debut in late 2011, when the Pharaohs were still the owners of AFCON, a title they won for the third time in a row. After the disaster in 2012, they overcame a series of dark days, but Salah could not help the home team regain this glory. Egypt got off to a bad start in this year’s tournament, being beaten 0-1 by Nigeria, but Salah’s goal helped them win over Guinea-Bissau. They then beat Sudan to enter the knockout round.

The match between Ivory Coast and Egypt is the meeting of two former champions. This encounter is even more remarkable with the presence of two of Europe’s top strikers at the moment.  Salah has 16 goals in 20 matches in England. His form in the Champions League is also exceptional, having scored seven goals in just six games.

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Haller excellent after leaving the Premier League.

Normally, only the likes of Robert Lewandowski or Cristiano Ronaldo can compete with Salah’s number of goals in C1. But this season’s group stage in the Champions League has been the individual performance of Sebastien Haller, the Ajax and Ivory Coast striker: in five and a half Champions League games, he has 10 goals.

Haller and Salah are very different players in style, but they share a common foundation of overcoming defeat. Both have been dropped from the Premier League, with Salah being Chelsea and Haller being West Ham. The French-born striker said of Egypt: ” This is my first AFCON and it was a great competition. I want to make history and grow with this national team. Egypt is a team that was created. out for the big games – with a genius player Mo Salah.”