Rangnick’s desire will cost MU 75 million euros

23 Th2 2022 | 06:07

 It seems that the representative from the Bundesliga has closed the selling price for the top goal of coach Ralf Rangnick.

Rangnick spoke before the match against Atletico Madrid 

After a relatively quiet winter market, Manchester United is expected to experience a very busy summer. In the immediate future, the Old Trafford team needs to find themselves a really suitable coach to appoint to the official captain position, before considering upgrading the squad with expensive rookies.

The media confirmed that, after being recommended by coach Ralf Rangnick, Man Utd decided to add Christopher Nkunku’s name to his list of targets. This season, the star of the RB Leipzig staff is booming with 13 goals and 9 assists after 23 appearances in the Bundesliga. At the same time, Nkunku is also highly appreciated by experts for his versatility, when he can play well in all positions on the attack. 

Dean Jones - Manchester United's first-team squad want Mauricio Pochettino to Ralf Rangnick - Bóng Đá

 Rangnick played an important role in helping Leipzig recruit Nkunku. 

So, not only Man Utd, Nkunku is also targeted by many other clubs. Of course, the Leipzig side is fully aware of this, and there is no reason to accept the former PSG star’s easy departure. BBC quoted sources from BILD as saying, if determined to recruit Nkunku to the end, the Red Devils will have to spend at least 75 million euros.

Currently, the contract between Nkunku and Leipzig is still valid for more than 2 years, so they have not yet faced pressure about the future of this star.