Racetrack "sexy" best of the world

16 Th7 2022 | 07:37

Called the TORI 500, the special track is designed to follow the curves of the swimsuit model’s body.

The hot curves of girls in swimsuits always make men flutter. However, perhaps few people have ever thought about surfing on a track designed according to the body curves of beautiful women. Until now, only one car company dared to implement that idea, namely Lexus.

To promote a new marketing campaign in Sport Illustrated Swimsuit, Lexus has designed a special race track called the TORI 500. The highlight of the TORI 500 is the design following the curves of the swimsuit model’s body. Tori Praver. After Lexus selected a suitable angle from dozens of photos, the TORI 500 race track was built to scale.

Beauty Tori Praver and the new Lexus GS.

However, Lexus does not stop at designing the most “sexy” race track in the world. Instead, the Japanese automaker also invited two professional drivers, including Scott Pruett and Greg Tracy, to the track to test a lap. Two riders will compete in the all-new Lexus GS. Whoever completes a TORI 500 lap in the fastest time will be the winner.

The reward for the winner is quite attractive, it is the opportunity to take the beautiful Praver to surf a lap on the TORI 500 race track.

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