Qatar Open: Rafael Nadal accepts gambling

03 Th5 2022 | 06:03

Ahead of the 2012 Qatar Open, Spaniard Rafael Nadal admitted he was taking risks to get to the level he needed to return to the world No.

The French Open champion has decided to use a heavier racquet for the Qatar Open, the first tournament of the 2012 ATP Tour system, despite having just over a week to get used to this important change.

Nadal will start using heavier racquets at the Qatar Open – Getty Images

In fact, just attending the Qatar Open is a gambling city for Nadal. Currently, he is said to be not really ready both physically and mentally for this tournament after having too little time to rest.

“I have to change, even though in the early stages I won’t be able to play better“, said Nadal. The Spaniard admitted he thought about changing racquets after losing to Novak Djokovic in the US Open final last September.

“We have to make decisions so that in the future, everything will be better,” continued Nadal. “Maybe it will affect my play a bit at first. Is this a risk? The answer is yes!”

Nadal decided to change racquets because he hoped that his serves would have more weight. Currently, Nadal is considered to have the most “mediocre” tee shots among the four players currently in the top 4 in the world.

Another serious problem that Nadal has to contend with in recent times is fitness. The Spaniard admits he has had a lot of problems with his shoulders and knees. In addition, the mid-season break was considered too short for him to recover. That’s why Nadal once considered a plan to quit this tournament to go straight to Melbourne for the 2012 Australian Open, the first Grand Slam of the year.

In fact, Nadal’s plan to change racquets has been around for a long time. However, because he wanted to focus on the best tournaments in Tokyo and Shanghai, and then have to attend the ATP World Tour Finals and Davis Cup Finals, he had to postpone this plan until now. It also means that Nadal, who has just over a week to prepare for the 2012 season, makes the risks with a new racquet, which Nadal calls an “investment”, even greater. than.

“But I still think this is the right time to change,” the 25-year-old continued. “If not now, then when?”

Despite being a tennis player known for his grit, Nadal has to admit that this week will be a difficult week. This is an extremely important step for him to prepare for the first Grand Slam of 2012, which if not done well, he may lose everything. Nadal has not won another championship since the 2010 French Open took place in June, and worse, has lost 6 Finals to just one name: Djokovic.

“I don’t know if I’m prepared enough to beat him, or if I’m going to lose 100 more times. I can’t predict.”

At this year’s Qatar Open, Nadal is the No. 1 seed. He will start with a match against German world number 43 Philipp Kohlschreiber tomorrow, Tuesday. If things go “according to plan”, Nadal could meet Gael Monfils in the semi-finals, and then meet Roger Federer in the final.

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