Paul Merson: Adapted, Arsenal conductor ready to explode

12 Th3 2022 | 13:10

 Former player Paul Merson said he was wrong about the Gunners’ quality contract.

Arteta praises Odegaard 

It can be said that Arsenal experienced a very successful transfer window last summer, when their expensive rookies so far have proven their worth. Typically Martin Odegaard, who became the ‘conductor’ and played an important role in Arsenal’s play. 

According to former player Paul Merson, Odegaard has fully adapted to Arsenal, and now the Norwegian star can unleash his full potential. Talking to Sky Sports, the Arsenal legend shared (quoted by Metro):


“Now, Odegaard has really come to the party. He’s a very good player.”
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 Odegaard is a successful deal for Arsenal. 

“I didn’t really notice it when he first started playing for Arsenal, but I do see it now. Odegaard has the ability to see things very quickly, he has great movement. . Odegaard is a quality player.”

“I think it took a while for Odegaard to adjust to life at Arsenal. He may have hoped things would work out for him at Real Madrid, but now he’s at Arsenal and he’s seen what a club this is, it’s a big move. It works for both sides.”