New crisis at Chelsea

08 Th5 2022 | 06:37

Chelsea faced the risk of empty-handed at Wolves on the evening of 2-1 when 7 key players were injured or ill, while many stars were dissatisfied with the lack of love of coach AV Boas.

Four consecutive rounds were drawn and lost, but Chelsea faced the 5th match to lose points as a guest at Wolves in the context of 7 pillars being injured or ill.

The pair of strikers D. Sturridge and D. Drogba are undergoing urgent treatment. Sturridge was injured during training on January 1, and Drogba suffered a foot injury.

Midfielder J. Terry and goalkeeper P. Cech were also sidelined during the training session on January 1. Coach Boas was forced to call young midfielder N. Chalobah to backup the captain. Left-back R. Bertrand, 22, was also called up to be able to replace A. Cole was injured after collisions in the 1-3 loss to Aston Villa at home.

Defender A. Cole not recovering in time will be a big loss for Chelsea

Striker S. Kalou is injured, while midfielder F. Malouda is ill. Therefore, midfielder S. Hutchinson was called back to the first team after a chronic injury that seemed to retire from his career.

Chelsea’s defense has suffered the most serious decline in the past 10 years

There are news that Chelsea stars are disgruntled when coach Boas banned Anelka from attending Christmas and New Year’s parties over the weekend. Therefore, they secretly held a private party to bid farewell to the French striker before he joined the Shanghai Shenhua Club of China.

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