Nadal tired of being asked about Djokovic

18 Th1 2022 | 05:43

Rafael Nadal said the absence of Novak Djokovic at the Australian Open is a pity.

At noon on January 17, Rafael Nadal had a smooth opening match at the Australian Open. The Spaniard won 6-1, 6-4, 6-2 against Marcos Giron, ranked 66th in the world after 1 hour 49 minutes.

At the post-match press conference, reporters did not seem to care much about Nadal’s victory. Instead, the Spaniard mainly received questions related to Novak Djokovic.

“I’m pretty tired of Djokovic’s story. A week ago, when he won the case, was able to get his visa back and practice, I say justice has spoken. However, yesterday, he had his visa cancelled. However, I will never go against justice,” said Nadal.

Nadal wants Djokovic to participate in the Australian Open. Photo: Reuters.

Nadal wants Djokovic to participate in the Australian Open. Photo: Reuters.

During the trial on January 16, Chief Justice James Allsop represented the jury to decide Djokovic lost the case. This means the world number one tennis player was expelled from Australia, unable to compete at the Australian Open and received a three-year ban from entering Australia.

“The most ideal situation in the sports world is for the best athletes to be on the field and compete in the most important events. If Djokovic plays here, that’s good for everyone. But like I said before. , the situation is very clear now (Djokovic was expelled from Australia – PV)”, said Nadal.

When asked about his relationship with Djokovic, Nadal said: “You’d better have a good relationship with everyone. With Novak, it’s no exception. Honestly, I wish him all the best. For the best. It’s been a mess for the past two weeks. He’s probably not the only one doing these terrible things, but of course, he’s one of the people responsible.”

With Djokovic expelled, Roger Federer not participating while recovering from injury, Nadal is the only male tennis player to ever win the Australian Open to compete at this year’s tournament. He was once crowned at Melbourne Park in 2009.