Merlo Gaston: Dancing Tango in the “floor” of the V-League

12 Th6 2022 | 06:12

Coming from Argentina, Merlo Gaston, 1m92 tall striker of SHB Da Nang, is really the obsession of every defender. That’s the way it is on the field, but in real life, the V-League top scorer for the last 3 consecutive seasons is a sociable, easy-going person.

I’m Merlo Gaston!

Only 3 years present on the field of Vietnam, Merlo collected for himself more than 55 goals. Heading, free kicking, dribbling past both the defense and the goalkeeper, Merlo has done it like a lemon every time he plays. Of course, the leader of the SHB Da Nang team considered Merlo as a “golden lump” determined to keep, even though Nguyen Duc Kien was willing to spend a lot to bring Merlo to Hanoi at the end of 2010.

Merlo’s favorite drink is Mate, a traditional Argentinian tea

Merlo is really a “rare thing”, when he has a congenital heart defect, he still overcomes the harshness of nature to shine with the ball. But, what’s even more precious about him is his professional attitude and the attitude of always giving his best every time he puts his shoes on the field.

When asked about less alcohol use, Merlo affirmatively replied: “I can drink a lot of wine and beer if I like. But I don’t like them, it’s harmful to health. Every time I come home from practice, Carolina commune often rewards me with a cup of fruit juice, such as watermelon juice, orange juice, guava juice… for example. But I like a bottle of cool mineral water after every hour of sweating on the training ground.”

Merlo’s little family is always happy and full of laughter

From an unknown player, Merlo currently enjoys a high salary (about more than 300 million VND/month). Not only taking care of his family, Merlo also took his younger brother, Santiago, to study at USCI International School in Da Nang. From time to time, the father from Bernado Larroude’s hometown, La Pampa, visits his children and granddaughter Carla. They are always present in the stands of Chi Lang Stadium to cheer for Merlo. That is a source of encouragement and also an encouragement for Merlo to have more motivation to play on the field.

Among the gifts sent from far away South America, the Merlo and his wife love the most is a traditional drink called Mate. According to his wife Caronila, this is a drink made from the dried leaves of the Yerba Mate tree with a very high caffeine content. The Argentinians consider it as the top drink, just like the Vietnamese drink water… iced tea every day, to promote health. And to please the host, the writer also made a sip of hot Mate tea with a typical flavor of Tango.

Merlo is showing off his skills in making a traditional Argentinian dish

Days without football

Merlo’s goalscoring talent is well known, but besides football, what does the SHB Da Nang striker usually do in his spare time? “I am an introvert, especially all love is devoted to mother and daughter Carolina and Carla. So when I’m not playing football, I help my wife cook, or iron her clothes. I consider myself good at raising children. After giving birth to Carla in Saigon, we watched her every step up to now. But Carla is 2 years old and can speak a few sentences in Vietnamese.”

And of course, whenever he has free time, Merlo goes online to read the press, especially articles about himself and the home team. Not only that, wife Carolina and brother Santiago are also “connoisseurs” of taking photos and working hard on Facebook to contact acquaintances back home.

In real life, Merlo is a brave man

The young couple is very passionate about Vietnamese food. When the home team rested, Merlo took advantage of the motorbike to carry the mother and daughter up to Thuan Phuoc bridge to take pictures to send back to relatives. Whenever homesick, this small family wanders along the beach, choosing a restaurant to sip food and talk about their hometown. Santiago also excitedly exchanged: “My brothers and sisters love Da Nang very much. The atmosphere, people and life here are as vibrant as in Argentina. Far from home, we really appreciate Vietnamese guests who come to visit us at home. At that time, Mr. Merlo also composed and acted as a chef serving home dishes for diners.”

On weekends, Merlo took advantage of taking his wife to go shopping to change the atmosphere. Of course, the first priority was buying things for her first daughter, Carla. Although she is only 2 years old, she is growing up fast, just like her father. So, Carolina and Merlo had to choose hard to find the right outfit. Especially when Carla is famous for being naughty and refusing to stand still for a few seconds.

Merlo often surfs the web to update news

As the Christmas atmosphere approaches, the whole Merlo family prepares to arrange furniture and Christmas trees to welcome the new year. This is Merlo’s third year in Vietnam, so this Christmas they have compatriot Nicolas Hernandez visiting. In addition, the number of Vietnamese friends in this family is also large, so the apartment for rent in a high-class apartment building is always full of laughter. As revealed by Merlo, this striker will take the whole family to visit everywhere, before entering the church service to wish a peaceful year to everyone.

As for the 2012 Nham Thin Lunar New Year, Merlo admits that he is “Vietnamized” which is not always good. After eating exactly 3 New Year’s Day, the couple chose Hong Kong to continue their spring trip in Asia.

Merlo has a hobby of traveling and taking pictures

Not only on the field, Merlo also lives to the fullest, full of responsibility on the pitch. Then every time he plays on the field, Merlo sublimates with the tango with the trademark of his hometown.

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