Matic deserves to say goodbye to MU in a better way

28 Th4 2022 | 07:12

The fact that Nemanja Matic announced his departure from Manchester United when the contract between the two sides was still valid for more than 12 months spoke of the sad reality of the “Red Devils” at the moment.

“After much thought, I have decided that this season will be my last for Manchester United.”the Serbian midfielder wrote on his personal page. “I have informed the management, coach and teammates of my decision to leave.”

In the context that Paul Pogba will almost leave Old Trafford on a free transfer next June, Matic’s farewell announcement may surprise many MU fans with regret.

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Nemanja Matic announces his departure from Manchester United after 5 years of service. Photo: Reuters.

Unexpected farewell

In July 2020, the “Red Devils” announced that they would successfully retain Matic until 2023. The former Chelsea star was no longer at his peak at that time, but he was still valued by the MU leadership because of his experience in the role of money. Defensive defender, a sensitive position of the team in the past half decade.

MEN revealed the fact that Matic’s current contract with MU is only valid until 2022, and the team’s homepage mistakenly announced the contract 2 years ago. However, Matic can still activate the contract extension clause with the “Red Devils” for another year.

MU has not made any other confirmation on the length of Matic’s contract, but the truth is that the 33-year-old midfielder has the right to stay at Old Trafford to enjoy a high salary until the contract expires. Many stars of the same age as Matic often choose a financially secure solution. After leaving Manchester United, it was difficult for Matic to find another team that gave him a better income than he currently has.

Matic’s departure and the ambiguity related to the player’s contract term show the consequences of the transfer policy of Ed Woodward, the former executive vice president of MU.

Matic’s choice to leave comes as Manchester United prepare to end the 2021/22 season with plenty of disappointment. He even announced his separation two months before the end of this year’s season. It’s definitely not a rosy goodbye.

Matic is not the most criticized player in the MU squad over the past year. Even to a certain extent, Matic has partly helped MU solve the crisis in the defensive midfield position in the past two years. When extending the contract with the player two years ago, the leadership of the Old Trafford team understood that they could not place too much hope on Matic.

However, MU’s poor performance in the past two months has had a profound impact on the psychology of many stars in the team. Late last month, Paul Pogba announced that he really had many psychological problems during his time with the “Red Devils”. The French midfielder did not say it, but he almost sent the message that he would not sign a new contract with MU.

Matic, like Pogba, does not deserve to be criticized badly during the period of wearing the Old Trafford team. Since being recruited by MU from Chelsea in 2017, the Serbian midfielder has 183 appearances for the “Red Devils”. He left a good mark in the early stages of wearing the red half of Manchester.

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The leadership of Manchester United must be active in the transfer market in the summer of 2022 to rebuild the midfield of the team. Photo: Reuters.

MU is not easy to replace Matic

In the context that Pogba is almost leaving, Matic staying at MU and playing as a substitute could completely be the right solution for the current team situation. Up to this point, the Old Trafford team contacted many defensive midfielders in the transfer market like Kalvin Phillips or Declan Rice, but they could not come close to recruiting any name.

Farewell to Matic and Pogba, MU will have to recruit at least 2 other top midfielders to solve the problem of midfield. Even the number of rookies in the midfield “Red Devils” in the summer of 2022 can reach 3 or 4, if the new coach of the team does not trust Fred or Scott McTominay.

Both midfielders mentioned above received many criticisms about their performance and class. In March, Paul Scholes commented that Fred or Scott McTominay are the players who should leave Old Trafford in the summer of 2022. Scholes highly appreciates Matic, and thinks that the Serbian midfielder can still help MU in the season. tournament 2022/23.

Matic’s slow speed and maneuverability are considered major drawbacks. However, the Serbian midfielder’s ability to read the game, experience and calm in the handling phase is still something that is not easy to replace.

The hole in MU’s midfield lasted for many years, and Matic was never a name worthy of much criticism. Had the MU leadership been wiser in adding a classy defensive midfielder last summer, things could have been different now. Matic probably does not have to announce his farewell to the Manchester team in such a sad situation as it is now.

According to Tuong Linh – | 12:35 April 16, 2022