Man City: When the “backbone” is broken

20 Th5 2022 | 06:04

Man City is unstable, it is not surprising that their vertical axis “spine” has been broken … broken.

The strength of Man City comes from a star cast with a team of uniform quality. But as a matter of course, a team, no matter how uniform the quality of the squad, how many stars there are, must still rely on a fixed “backbone” axis to serve as the foundation for success. For example, the best teams in the world today are Real Madrid with indispensable names such as goalkeeper Casillas, midfielder Alonso, striker Ronaldo. At Barca, it is similar with a “vertical axis” consisting of captain Puyol, midfielder Xavi and striker Leo Messi. Man City is not an exception. The resounding successes of the blue half of Manchester so far of the season rely a lot on the “vertical axis” Kompany – Yaya Toure – Silva. That can be considered as the foundation, the source of all the strength of the team that is leading the English Premier League table.

Without Kompany, Man City’s defense is in turmoil

But when the season was entering the second leg with many important matches, that “vertical axis” of Man City was broken. Center-back captain Kompany, the cornerstone of the defence, was suspended for 4 matches because of the red card in the match against MU. Next, David Silva, also in the match against MU, suffered a serious ankle injury and is expected to be out of action for 4 to 6 weeks. The other person, Yaya Toure, will be absent for about a month because he is busy attending CAN 2012. Within just over a week in the first week of the new year, Man City has lost their three most important pillars. And it makes a team that seems to never have a headache about personnel problems, is struggling to find alternative solutions.

The consequences are immediate. In the match against Liverpool, young midfielder Savic was selected as Kompany’s replacement, and made a mistake directly leading to the home team’s only goal. Without Kompany, Man City’s previously very solid defense was constantly tormented by Liverpool’s lack of Suarez and without the excellence of Joe Hart, the Green Man would have suffered more than 1 goal. Without Kompany, without the service of Kolo Toure, Mancini was forced to use unsafe measures like Savic, or had to “pull shoulder patch” to push right-back Richards into the center-back with Lescott. Kompany will miss Man City’s two more matches against Wigan and Tottenham. In which the confrontation with Tottenham is the most difficult. In front of the high-performance attack of the “Rooster”, the Green Man NHM has the right to worry about his lack of a leader’s defense.

Yaya Toure is one of the most comprehensive midfielders in the Premier League

The absence of Kompany brings worries about the fragile defense, and the absence of Yaya Toure or Silva makes the attack problem and Man City’s creativity affected. Without Yaya Toure, Man City played extremely hard against MU and Liverpool. The Ivory Coast midfielder not only knows how to defend, he is also very good at creating and scoring goals. Yaya Toure’s form at Man City is even better than when he played for Barca and he is the most comprehensive midfielder in the Premier League. Meanwhile, David Silva is an endless source of creativity, and an indispensable explosive factor of Man City. With Silva, the pieces of the middle attack hit the short part of the Green Man, becoming more flexible, virtual and unpredictable. Filling the void left by Silva will be an extremely difficult task for any player, including Samir Nasri, who can most likely replace the Spaniard.

After an unsuccessful period of competition at the end of last year and early this year, Man City is entering a new challenging period, which is expected to be more difficult. They have been eliminated in the FA Cup, eliminated in the C1 Cup, and will likely be eliminated in the Carling Cup soon. So from the ambition to capture every possible title, now Man City only has the Premier League front as the brightest to strive for. But with the broken “backbone”, how will Man City “live” in the near future…?

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