Malaysia is about to finalize the Korean coach to replace Tan Cheng Hoe

17 Th1 2022 | 06:38

The Football Federation of Malaysia (FAM) considers appointing coach Kim Pan-gon or Kim Hak-bum to replace Mr. Tan Cheng Hoe.

According to Astro Arena , FAM has reduced the list of candidates from 4 to 2 and they are all from Korea. Those are coaches (coach) Kim Hak-bum and Kim Pan-gon.

Kim Hak-bum is a former head coach of the Korean Olympic team that won the 2018 ASIAD gold medal, then led Korea U23 to the 2020 Asian U23 Championship. He also won a K.League championship in 2006 with Seongnam Ilhwa. Chunma.

Coach Kim Hak-bum (gray shirt) is one of the two final candidates for the position of coach of the Malaysian team. Photo: AFC .

Coach Kim Hak-bum (gray shirt) is one of the two final candidates for the position of coach of the Malaysian team. Photo: AFC .

Meanwhile, Kim Pan-gon is a former U23 coach and Hong Kong (China) team in the period 2009-2017. He is currently the Head of the Supervisory Board of the Korean team. The other two coaches, Park Jin-sub and Kim Byung-soo, both had unimpressive achievements and were eliminated from the list of candidates.

According to Harian Metro , there is a 95% chance that FAM will choose a Korean coach to lead the Malaysian team. FAM leaders said that coaches from East Asia often emphasize discipline and also understand Southeast Asian culture.

Previously, Mr. Tan Cheng Hoe withdrew from the position of head coach of Malaysia after 4 years of working. Many Malaysian experts believe that the farewell to one of the best domestic coaches can open a new era for foreign coaches. For many years, the Malaysian team did not use foreign strategists amid the trend of using Asian coaches of regional teams.

Sharing on Berita Harian , Minister of Youth and Sports Seri Ahmad Faizal Azumu said: “Even if we bring in a world-class coach, but the players are not determined to show their full potential, Malaysian football will still be incomplete. have hope”.

FAM Vice President Mohd Yusoff Mahadi said that he would close the position of head coach in January to quickly prepare the Malaysian team towards the goals of 2022. Not long ago, he said that the Malaysian team would not join forces and compete. friendly match on the occasion of FIFA Days coming here because there is no head coach.

After the AFF Cup 2018 runner-up, the Malaysian team has not had any more impressive achievements in the past 3 years. The team failed to win tickets to the third qualifying round of the World Cup 2022, eliminated from the group stage of the AFF Cup 2020. The immediate goal of “Harimau Malaya” is to attend the 2023 Asian Cup Finals.