Kaka: Bernabéu is no longer a happy place

23 Th5 2022 | 06:27

Last season, also at this time, Spain was rumored to be leaving Real Madrid. The destination then was Man City or Chelsea. A year later, the rumors did not end, but even increased. Leaving or staying, Kaka’s future is still a big question mark.

Kaka’s future is still a big question mark – Getty Images

Numbers never lie

Real Madrid fans have high hopes for Kaka this season. But the Brazilian midfielder did not meet that expectation, at least for the moment, and made them wait. Since the beginning of the season, Kaka has played 13 out of 16 games in Liga, but only 6 of these have started, the rest have come on from the bench. In total, he played 548 minutes and contributed only 3 goals. A number too small to meet expectations.

In the King’s Cup, Kaka was even more disappointing. He has appeared in all 4 matches since the beginning of the season but has not played the whole game. In the match against Ponferradina (round 1/16), Kaka was substituted in the 71st minute. The match against Malaga was even more disappointing when he “got an early shower” after only 45 minutes of play. No passes and no goals.

The same scenario happened in the Champions League when Kaka was given the opportunity 3 times in this playground. He started 2 matches and 1 time on the field from the bench. At the Bernabeu, when Real took on Ajax, Kaka contributed a goal before leaving the field after 74 minutes. Against Lyon, he even played 24 minutes. The only match Kaka played the whole game was when Real replayed Ajax in Amsterdam, but it was only a procedural match.

4 goals and 4 assists, that’s all that Kaka has done for Real Madrid since the beginning of the season. With those numbers, although Diogo Katscho, Kaka’s agent, says that he is still happy at the Bernabeu, perhaps it is simply a polite statement. It is necessary to accept the fact that Kaka is no longer satisfied with Real and Real himself, it seems, is no longer satisfied with himself.

Time never waits

Kaka made efforts, burned with all his might every time he was on the field. But when he had just lit up his hopes, he himself extinguished them. Anyone can recognize a Kaka who played extremely impressively in the match against Ajax (scoring a goal to help Real win 3-0) but then soon, he abandoned the beliefs that were growing in each day. a Madridista. In that context, Ozil’s stability also means that Kaka’s chances of playing are gradually getting smaller.

At the age of 30, it seems time does not wait for Kaka anymore. If the Bernabeu, where he no longer has happiness, can no longer win the full trust of his teacher Jose Mourinho, why don’t he think seriously about a decision to leave. It must be said that, despite nearly a year of struggling with injuries and now only a strategic card of Mourinho, Kaka is still the dream of a series of big teams. There has appeared information that Shanghai Shenhua is willing to pay up to 9 million euros/year to receive Kaka’s nod. But Kaka has never had the concept of “retirement”. Therefore, many people believe that his most potential destination right now is PSG.

Gazzetta dello Sport newspaper confirmed that the French giants will pay 32 million euros to convince Real to sell Kaka. In addition, they are also willing to pay the Brazilian midfielder a generous salary (no less than 7 million euros/season). But most importantly, at PSG, there is Carlo Ancelotti, the only person who knows how to promote the strengths of the old student. The Princes’ Park Stadium is in need of a player with great influence and if he comes here, Kaka’s appearances will also be more regular. It is also the best opportunity for him to find himself and find a place in the Brazilian national team shirt.

Two and a half years from now, the 2014 World Cup will start and it may well be the last World Cup of his career. Then what are you waiting for, decide to go Kaka!

548 This is the number of minutes that Kaka has played in this season in Liga. During this time, Kaka contributed to Real Madrid 3 goals.

20: Up to this point, after 73 matches in all competitions for Real Madrid since he moved from Milan in 2009, Kaka has only 20 goals for the Bernabeu team.

24 Along with 20 goals, Kaka has only 24 assists, equivalent to half of the number of passes when he was still at Milan (46).

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