Indonesia coach: ‘We still have 100% motivation to fight Thailand’

31 Th12 2021 | 05:20

Coach Shin Tae-yong considers the 0-4 defeat in the first leg as a valuable lesson for young students, and believes that Indonesia will beat Thailand in the second leg of the AFF Cup 2020.

* Thailand – Indonesia: 19:30 Saturday, January 1, on VnExpress.

“Thailand played too well in the first leg, and we lost. It is true that the players were a bit confused by the big loss, but everything has been resolved. That defeat, from a positive perspective, brought many valuable lessons learned We have meticulously planned for the second leg. We still have 100% motivation to go into tomorrow’s match. I believe the players will play well and win, even though Thai Lan is very strong,” coach Shin opened at noon on December 31 in the pre-match press conference.

The 0-4 defeat in the first leg semi-final puts Indonesia in a very difficult position when it comes to the second leg tomorrow, January 1. Since kicking two rounds of the final, the AFF Cup has only recorded one case – Thailand – losing from the first leg, but still being able to reverse the situation in the second leg to be crowned. In 2016, Thailand lost 1-2 to Indonesia 1-2, then won again 2-0 in the second leg in Bangkok to win the cup with a total score of 3-2.

However, coach Shin still spoke stiffly when referring to the Thai rematch tomorrow. “Indonesia mainly practiced recovery in the past two days. But the plan for the second leg is that we have to try to score first, we have to do that, the team has any hope of turning the situation around. Although regretting the defeat, In the first leg, I still fully understand the spirit with the whole team that we have to forget that defeat in order to enter the match with the most comfortable mind,” emphasized the Korean military leader.

Regardless of the second leg result, the AFF Cup 2020 is still a great success for Indonesian football. Under coach Shin, they introduced a young team, with many pillars still in their 19s and 20s, playing a football rich in physical strength, discipline and speed. The 0-0 draw against Vietnam and the 4-1 victory over Malaysia in the group stage embodies that change.

The Korean leader revealed that he will continue to foster young students by keeping the players at the same age when Indonesia attends the 2022 Southeast Asian U23 Championship in Cambodia next February. Mr. Shin said: “Most of the Indonesian players attending the AFF Cup 2020 this time will continue to play in the Southeast Asian U23 tournament. I want young players to continue to have the opportunity to develop, thereby earning opportunities to go abroad. outside of competition. Only then can they gain experience and progress rapidly.”

The former South Korean coach also denied rumors that he would leave Indonesia in 2022, because he could not help football in the land of thousands of islands change after five times in 2000, 2002, 2004, 2010 and 2016. “I still have a contract with the Indonesian Football Federation until 2023. Indonesian football has a lot of potential. I hope the fans will believe in us, continue to support and move forward with the team,” Mr. Shin emphasized.