Higuain’s future will still be Real Madrid

12 Th5 2022 | 07:02

The agent of Gozalo Higuain himself has confirmed that the future of the Argentine striker will still belong to Real Madrid.

Jorge Higuain, the father and agent of Gonzalo, confirmed that the striker will stay at Real Madrid until the expiration of his contract with Real Madrid. This means that Gonzalo will refuse recruitment offers from Chelsea and Juventus in this winter transfer market.

Higuain still stays at Real – Getty Images

In an interview with La Stampa newspaper, Jorge admitted that his son’s priority would be to stay at Real Madrid until his 2016 contract expires.

“At Real Madrid, no one talked about the club wanting to sell Gonzalo and my son has no intention of leaving. In fact, Gonzalo wants to continue to stay until his contract expires in 2016.” Mr. Jorge said.

“If someone says we are no longer welcome in Madrid, I’m sure there will be attractive offers.” Jorge added.

Higuain personally also ended the rumors about him being able to go to Chelsea and Juve by denying rumors that he has received offers from these two big clubs. “These are two big clubs and they will bring great opportunities, but no club has contacted me yet.”

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