HCMC Club: “Poor students” overcome difficulties

26 Th5 2022 | 06:47

Flying high on the rankings with 2 undefeated matches and a game that shows a lot of optimism, HCMC FC, even though it exists in a way that is not strong, still makes loyal fans emotional by looking at the team. This ball now sees the heroic past of CSG coming back every day.


The situation of the most traditional football team in Saigon is now so tragic that they even made a billboard to invite sponsors right on Thong Nhat Stadium. In the history of existence of Vietnamese professional football teams, perhaps this is a rare case. Ho Chi Minh City is also the only club of the professional tournament that does not have a sponsor’s name on the shirt.

In the past 4 months, the team has not yet paid the salaries of the players, the bonuses for 2-3 years have not been mentioned, the team’s leaders have to sign a promissory note for the foreign soldiers. Even signing a contract with foreign soldiers, they were only allowed to bring De Jesus into the field and play with a single “West”. With the remaining 2 foreign players, one is Bruno, the suspension will end this weekend, and the other is the foreign goalkeeper who has to wait until the end of phase 1 to be able to enter the competition because of the delay in ITC registration.

The acquisition of coach Zivojnov was an unexpected success of the leaders of the HCM City club. Photo: VV

That means, Ho Chi Minh City will only be able to register 2 foreign soldiers for phase 1. And of course, when these foreign soldiers agree to move to Ho Chi Minh City Club, they have accepted to bet their fate with these foreign soldiers. The “promise” of the leader of this team and has not received a penny as well as a salary.

When booking plane tickets to play away from home, club leaders also have to choose a late hour to save costs. For example, the match against SHB.DN Children this weekend, the players of the HCM City club had to fly at 10pm and immediately got on the bus to move to the airport at 22:30 after the kick was finished. Despite great efforts to invite sponsors, but so far, the good news is still absent for this team. Running out of water, the club is thinking of a plan to invite back its old sponsor, the Southern Steel Company.

Live by spirit

Poverty is like that, but in the midst of hardship, we confess our hearts to each other. Unlike the internal disunity like in previous years, this season, the young players of the HCM City Club have learned to ignore their personal egos to look in the same direction. This is also a team with many Saigon-born players, the sense of name makes many people determined not to let this team go into the past.

The acquisition of coach Zivojnov was an unexpected success of the leaders of the HCM City club, because in addition to his professional ability, the Serbian teacher also knew how to motivate the players’ spirit, promote a sense of responsibility to the collective to They dedicate themselves to the common good.

The kick that Zivojnov built for Ho Chi Minh City is now a short, low-touch ball based on the prolific physical foundation of young players. Another lucky thing to mention is that this club borrowed striker De Jesus. Watching this player play, it feels like the former striker of TMN.CSG has regained his peak form when he returned to Saigon.

Remember, in the 2006 V-League, De Jesus contributed 18 goals out of 35 total goals of TMN.CSG and held the title of “Top scorer”, it was the Brazilian-born striker who was the inspiration for the money team. Ho Chi Minh City’s body is now successfully relegated. That spirit is helping HCMC Club soar on the rankings after two rounds.

But in the long run, the players can’t breathe the air and live forever. Therefore, the team also had to struggle to find sponsors and to clear the spirit of the players with a little money to spend Tet. In the future, if there is no sponsor, they will have to “snatch the shoulder” to live through the end of this season.

In a difficult time, the most admirable thing about this group is the spirit of consensus “stone knows stone knows gold”, which is also a way to save yourself. The biggest advantage of this team now is to attract loyal fans to cheer for the team that is considered the most traditional representative of the heroic Ho Chi Minh City football.

Just maintain the fire like that, maybe Ho Chi Minh City will be a “phenomenon” of the first class this season.

The source: Vietnamese people
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