Del Bosque, why don’t you call Soldado into the team right away?

25 Th5 2022 | 06:46

If Del Bosque wants to find a replacement for David Villa in case the Barcelona striker cannot find his best form after injury, Roberto Soldado is the ideal answer. The 26-year-old striker is once again scoring with his impressive goal-scoring ability.

To turn the tide against Valencia, Sevilla’s fans have been waiting a lot for Alvaro Negredo. But hoping and then disappointed, Negredo did not speak. He played the whole game and didn’t leave any mark. The disappointment was even greater, when on the other side of the front line, Soldado shone again to bring Valencia a ticket to the quarterfinals.

Soldado (light shirt) is playing well – Photo Getty

True to initial predictions, the battle in Sanchez Pizjuan was tense and dramatic from the first minute until the final whistle sounded. With the ambition to find a goal, Sevilla played in attack, creating a terrible pressure on Diego Alves’ goal. Fortunately for the visitors, Sevilla’s strikers, specifically Negredo, lacked sensitivity in the final phases. In the midst of that tremendous pressure, Soldado managed to do what his team needed, which was a goal. A delicate poke from Jonas (the author of the only goal in the first leg), an arrow-like speed and with only Varas in front of him, Soldado’s task was too easy.

A goal is worth ten gold. With Valencia, thanks to that goal, they won tickets to the quarterfinals thanks to the away goal rule (draw 2-2). For Soldado personally, it is a testament to his values ​​and goalscoring instincts. More importantly, in the hand-to-hand fight with Negredo himself, Soldado was the victor.

Between Soldado and Negredo there is a common starting point is the young player of the Real Madrid B squad (2005-2007). Soldado had the honor of being promoted to Real’s first team but was pushed out a year earlier than Negredo. At the Bernabeu, they didn’t have a chance to shine, but when it comes to other destinations, Negredo (Almeria and Sevilla) and Soldado (Getafe and Valencia) are the real heroes. Ironically, only one of them was used by coach Del Bosque. Under the “zinc beard”, Soldado always had to sit at home to watch Seleccion play while Negredo was always his chosen one.

Explaining that decision, Del Bosque said that he needed the most effective strikers. For that reason, he did not choose Soldado. But now every Valencia match is a Soldado match to be mentioned. It is he who is the striker with the most impressive goalscoring effect. Then what do you have to worry about, Del Bosuqe?

Match results:

Sevilla – Valencia 2-1 (2-2 total)*

Levante – Alcorcon 4-0 (5-2)

Espanyol – Cordoba 4-2 (5-4)

* Valencia go through thanks to an away goal

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