De Gea’s best save in 5 European tournaments: The stronger the team, the sadder MU fans

15 Th1 2022 | 02:41


According to statistics, De Gea is currently the goalkeeper with the most important saves in the top 5 European leagues (England, France, Germany, Italy, Spain).

MU has just won against Aston Villa in the FA Cup and David De Gea has contributed significantly to this victory. The Spaniard made 4 excellent saves to help the “Red Devils” keep a clean sheet after 90 minutes. It was just one of De Gea’s super games this season.

De Gea is making the most important saves in Europe's top 5 leagues

De Gea is making the most important saves in Europe’s top 5 leagues

According to the Manchester Evening News, David De Gea is the goalkeeper with the most important saves in the top 5 European leagues so far. Calculations show that De Gea has saved 7.5 goals in the past 19 appearances, reaching an average rate of 0.4 goals per game, higher than the two people behind Jose Sa (Wolves) and Manuel Reimann ( Bochum).

What makes De Gea’s saves all the more impressive is that the keeper received almost no help from United ‘s defence . The goalkeeper has to face an average of 1.7 goals-conceded balls per game in the Premier League . This number ranks 12th in the top 5 European leagues.

Therefore, the number of 4 clean sheets in the Premier League may be very modest, but in fact it is a great effort by the Spaniard. It is no exaggeration to say that David De Gea is the best saver in Europe at the moment. It is no coincidence that this goalkeeper received 2 “Best Player of the Club” awards in November and December 2021.

De Gea's excellence makes "Red Devils" fans even more heartbroken

De Gea’s excellence makes “Red Devils” fans even more heartbroken

However, the more De Gea shines, the more it hurts MU fans . The goalkeeper must operate at full capacity, which means that the remaining lines are not playing well. Coach Ralf Rangnick brought some new things, but that was not enough. The German teacher is trying to change his tactics to match what he has at hand.

In addition, the excellence of De Gea makes MU may have to part with another good goalkeeper, Dean Henderson. If De Gea is a classic goalkeeper, specializing in stopping difficult ball situations, Henderson is a modern goalkeeper model, actively participating in ball situations.

Before this season started, many suggested that MU should replace De Gea with Henderson, but the more Spanish goalkeeper plays, the more he shows his class. Therefore, men hardly have the opportunity to express themselves. According to the British press, Henderson is expressing his desire to leave to play more.