Continuing the case of Dinh Thanh Trung: What kind of play is this?

14 Th7 2022 | 07:30

With the way that Hanoi Football Club is treating Thanh Trung today, it is ridiculous that someone still eloquently says: “Doing everything for the development of Vietnamese football”.

The disappointment mixed with bitterness of Dinh Thanh Trung is now increasing day by day. Contacting Thanh Trung about the contract, the midfielder just shook his head in disgust: “I don’t understand what kind of game they’re playing. I agree, I don’t know…”

Bau Kien affirmed in Dinh Thanh Trung’s case that: “When a player wants to leave, we will create conditions for him to leave.” But perhaps elected Kien is now busy arguing and complaining about the television copyright contract, so he has temporarily forgotten what he said in other cases.

By now, Thanh Trung has completely realized that it is not possible to talk based on feelings, but the people of Hanoi Club just like to use the law. Thanh Trung confirmed to the CEO of Hanoi Club Le Xuan Thong that now all issues related to his contract are through his representative, lawyer Pham Van Huynh.

Now it’s very difficult for Thanh Trung to play on the field at the weekend

However, just like the previous times, when Thanh Trung asked for an appointment to meet the team’s leaders five times seven times to work, he either did not meet, or postponed up and down and then met once. Attempts to contact lawyer Huynh to have a meeting with the leaders of the Hanoi Club were unsuccessful.

The people of this team didn’t even respond politely by offering a very specific and sure date. Thanh Trung said this meeting has been rescheduled, “It could be next Monday or when… I don’t know.”

In a previous article, we mentioned that the Hanoi club currently does not have a specific style of football, do not understand how they kick the ball, and many times the players on the field turn to each other and ask each other “how to kick the ball?” this”. With what is happening with Dinh Thanh Trung, it is also possible to ask the question of not knowing what kind of football Kien’s team is “playing”. If you can’t talk about love, then it’s reasonable, but it’s not possible for players to talk about reason, but “play” in a “tickling” style, “live or die regardless of you waiting”.

During this time, Thanh Trung still went to the training ground of Hanoi Club to practice with his teammates. The players of the Hanoi club were still comfortable and treated Thanh Trung as if nothing had happened. Some players said that they are colleagues, so they sympathize with the situation that Thanh Trung is unfortunately suffering from, and hope Trung will soon solve the problems in the contract. “The Chinese guy is very good, it’s good to keep him, otherwise, let’s solve it early and make it more complicated.” shared by a player.

Put in the situation of an employee who, after a period of dedication, ends the contract and wants to leave, but is treated coldly by the leader, has no sense of reason and then plays some other tricks, Who doesn’t feel inhibited, bitter?! And with Thanh Trung now: “Well, I have to wait, but I don’t know what to do.”

With what this Ha Tinh-born midfielder has prepared, surely this wait will not last too long, because if you keep refusing to meet, you will have to meet soon at the Court. Workers have to do business, have to earn a living, and with players, when “the legs don’t run, the stomach will be hungry”.

Bau Kien always says “doing everything for the development of Vietnamese football”, not sure how this boss will do great things, but with the way his team treats a player. Young players like this, can you believe his heavenly statements? If you want to make football develop, first of all, be kind and humane to the players, the workers are attached to the fate of football, their hunger and fullness lies in that football background.

Tran Uy Vu | 00:00 11/30/-0001