Chelsea: 17 days of living in fear

13 Th3 2022 | 12:50

Perhaps when strongly saying “Chelsea will play until the end as long as there are enough clothes to go to the field and a bus to move” a few days ago, coach Thomas Tuchel could not have expected that dark prospect to come. to the top of his team.

According to British media, Chelsea is paying £28 million a month in wages for players but currently only has about £ 16 million in the safe, meaning that it can only secure its operating budget within the next 17 days. .

After the British government decided to freeze the assets of 7 Russian tycoons with business ties in the foggy island nation because of sanctions related to the Russia-Ukraine conflict, Chelsea fans were shocked to know the rate. Rich Roman Abramovich cannot sell the club he bought in 2003. The team is not allowed to buy, sell or renew contracts with players, cannot sell tickets at all home and away matches for the rest of the season. back of the season while souvenir shops are closed.

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The last moments of the “empire” Chelsea have reached?


Chelsea TV broadcasting rights payments and game bonuses will be frozen. Chelsea’s operating budget is also limited as they are only allowed to spend a maximum of £500,000 per game on hosting home matches and no more than £20,000 on travel to away matches.

Longtime sponsorship partners consider leaving Chelsea, and the talented players under Thomas Tuchel are likely to flee in mass this summer. The risk of collapse of “The Blues” is completely possible even if the British government “green light” for the sale of the team, but the proceeds will be frozen until a new decision is made.