Barca: Restructuring the defense

24 Th5 2022 | 06:35

There will be drastic changes in the defense of the Catalan team in the near future.

Maxwell officially said goodbye to move to PSG at the call of Leonardo and Ancelotti, in return Barca earned 4 million euros. A deal is considered acceptable for the Catalan team because three years ago Barca only had to spend 5 million euros to bring back the Brazilian defender from Inter Milan (in the same Ibrahimovic deal). The departure of Maxwell does not make Pep feel worried because he has never taken an official position at the Nou Camp. However, this is a sign that the Azulgrana BLD has begun to embark on the restructuring of the defense with the top priority of rejuvenation.

After Maxwell is the case of Abidal. Negotiations with the French defender have not made much progress, although both sides want to continue to prolong the relationship. The problem next to the term of the new contract (Abidal wants 2 years, Barca only offers 1+1), is the tax rate. From next season, “Beckham Law” will be a thing of the past and foreign players playing in Liga will be subject to a tax rate of up to 49%, a huge increase considering that before that each year Abidal only payable 24%. In the event that a common voice cannot be found, Barca is also ready for a separation.

Abidal can leave

Currently, Abidal is being pulled by both PSG, Man City and Arsenal (Wenger has just made an offer of 5 million euros), he has no shortage of options, that’s why in the past few days, technical director Zubizarreta has to constantly have to dialogue with Valencia about Jordi Alba. Barca will definitely have to strengthen a left-back, and although very close to Gareth Bale, the price of the Welsh winger is too expensive, so Rosell and Pep have to focus all of their attention on Alba. Compared to Bale, Valencia’s player is not as outstanding, but he has many advantages such as a cheaper price, besides being quite good with tiqui-taca thanks to the matches in the color of the Spain national team.

Barca is approaching Alba from all directions, the contract between him and Los Che is only valid until the summer of 2013 and if he does not renew it at the end of this season, Valencia will surely have to sell immediately if they do not want to lose everything next season. In Alba’s contract there is a release clause of 20 million euros, but Barca probably does not need to spend this number. The appeal of the Nou Camp will make Alba fall in love, so in recent days, the Catalan club’s BLD is hitting the defender’s mentality. Josep Maria Orobitg, the agent of coach Pep Guardiola, thanks to his connections in the stork circle, was authorized to meet and use sweet words to convey to the representatives of Alba, Vicente Forés and José Tárraga.

Fontas is off for the rest of the season

Yesterday, the press caught these three characters having dinner at Casa Roberto restaurant on Maestro Gozalbo street in Valencia. Barca is taking very fast steps closer to Alba. At the same time, talks with Milan about Thiago Silva, Barca’s coveted target have also been started. Fontas’s serious injury in the recent match against Osasuna will make Pep more likely to push some young players to the first team to replace them. The one being promoted is Montoya. He will be a substitute for Alves on the right corridor, when Adriano is transferred to the left wing with Abidal.

If he performs well, Montoya has a chance to break into the first team next season. Currently, the solid faces in the defense of Barca 2012/2013 only include Pique, Puyol, Alves, Adriano, so there will be new people appearing.

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