18:30 on February 18, Navibank Saigon vs Becamex Binh Duong: Shivering in the wind

12 Th7 2022 | 07:22

5 points and less than a win away from the group holding the red light, the poor performance of coach Pham Cong Loc’s students makes the abyss appear in front of them.

After 5 rounds in the V-League 2012, goalkeeper The Anh’s net had to be shaken 8 times (5th most). The attack scored 7 goals (7th/14 teams). The highest goal difference of 4/14 clubs. In short, the offensive line is not as good as the defensive line. Therefore, the close position of the team is commensurate with the level of teacher and coach Pham Cong Loc at the moment.

N.SG is in poor form, so although there are still 21 rounds of the tournament to close the curtain, perhaps no fan has set the door for the possibility that the Saigon team will be in the medal group or at least in the top. Top 5 teams overall.

Even for fastidious viewers, it is still difficult for N.SG to recreate last season’s 8th achievement, let alone ambition in the AFC Cup, the tournament in which the Saigon team is very determined to rise up. brand range. At the beginning of the season, coach Pham Cong Loc once said: “We have planned strategies for both the V-League and AFC Cup fronts and I believe that N.SG will try to meet the expertise in both tournaments.” . But if it’s time to dare to look directly at the truth, N.SG just putting strength into one V-League front is enough to be exhausted, not to say anything about “bringing the bell to fight the country”, even though the AFC Cup has not started yet. painting.

N.SG (left) is now very fragile and fragile, so even though B.BD is now just like a breeze, it is enough to drag the representative of Saigon to the bottom of the cliff, not joking. Photo: Quang Nhut

Simply by looking at the quality of the squad, N.SG has no depth, many pillars are showing signs of age. Midfielder with a history of injuries and on the slopes of his career like Tai Em, many matches still have to bear the full 90 minutes, although it is easy for insiders to know, “Cu Muoi” now only responds well to about 2/3 of the matches. . Duy Khanh, Van Khai are not yet capable of replacing the former captain of Vietnam national team. Recently, Mr. Loc was forced to test Viet Cuong to pair with Aniekan, although the forte of the original Dong Thap player is a full-back.

The obtained efficiency is also not high. N.SG’s foreign soldiers are more than a disappointment and will probably be liquidated soon in the next phase 2. Center-back Vincent has repeatedly made fatal mistakes in recent times. On the attack, striker Edison has only once “got lucky”, now the Colombian player is causing a headache for the whole team when he does not pay his permission on time. Last week, N.SG had to accept a foreign soldier’s return because of the absence of Edison, at the same time Aniekan could not play due to a thigh injury. Most likely, that situation will be repeated in the next match B.BD this week.

In 2 home matches, N.SG drew and lost, unlike last season, they know how to take advantage of this to earn 3 points. Simply because N.SG is not good at attacking and possessing blunt attack, but in Thong Nhat they have to do this to please the audience. Therefore, if the away team accepts to yield in the middle of the field to play and wait for time, N.SG is easy to fall into a trap. V.NB is the team that did this very well in round 3.

The home field is difficult to play, and the away field, N.SG is also nothing special. Without the mistake of goalkeeper Tuan Manh on the Pleiku field, the Saigon team would not have had a gift to leave in the 4th match. That luck did not go with them to Cao Lanh. After the match, Mr. Loc admitted: “The game of DTCS.DT is nothing more special than when I was in charge of this club besides people”. But in the match, the original general of Dong Thap did not know what to do to counter his old students. When N.SG was 2-0 down in the first half, he was almost motionless in the training cabin. Know what to do, when in his hand he did not have as many options as mentioned.

N.SG is now fragile and fragile like that. So, even though B.BD is now just like a breeze, it is enough to drag the representative of Saigon to the bottom of the cliff, not joking.

Guess: 1-2

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